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A SONNET OF LIFE (Apropos The Children I Know)

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Act your age my darling little child;

Thake care not to go about in blind haste.

Enjoy this lovely stage of life for a while.

Time is elusive and you have none to waste.


Listen, candy does not always last very long;

Can be as hard as rock, yet melts as easy as ice:

Tease your tongue with sweetness and then it's  gone;

Leaveing you wading the emptiness of something once nice.


Yes, when you are young, innocent and very sweet,

This old life can throw many enticing things your way:

Making you think that it's all good and life is always neat;

But be aware my child, life has her debts we all are bound to pay.


For just as the night must surly turn into another day,

You my child, like me, will eventually grow old and gray. 

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