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this time. im done.
i have realized what is important in LIFE.
its not parties. its not getting high.its not money and its not girls or the clothes i wear.
the 3 important things in life are God, family, and self-acceptance.
I accept that i am a horrible person.
i am not a GOOD person.
People might say im kind, sweet, loving, or generous..but in reality, those are just cover ups for whats underneath.
I am selfish. I am greedy. I am relentless in my wrong doings.
I have bitterness and anger in my heart.
The things i say i "love", i show no action towards to back it up.
I am a hypocrite. I am nothing close to perfect.
I am nothing close to good. But i can try to be good.
However, the evil in me will always figure its way out, to destroy that which is good.
I will no longer try to be something that i am not.
I am what i am.
And now i must live with the decisions and mistakes i have made in this journey called life, hoping that one day i will find Peace and Joy once again.
That is all i ask for.
PEACE. Not money...not fame...and not respect.
Give me PEACE. Give me Love. Give me peace, love, and forgiveness, and then i will show u a changed man. -THE END-

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