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2nd: a poem from my prospective

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I may wish to protect my family, like treyvon the police won't protect me, so I carry a dreadful thing, something contrived in a evil mind produced to destroy life, I wish never to utter that terrible items name, yet in my home the land in which I was born, sees fit to destroy me, how I pray and wish it wasn't so, I face the reality of dying alone, cold on the concrete, for all to see the new strange fruit falls to the street, an amendment tells me I to can wield this power, the promise that my odd of living expand, but to me I only see an evil machine, granting me the power to do the obscene, to deprive the birth right of life, the most deadly and evil of mans wicked mind, yet in it I must trust my life, the cruel dilemma that plagues the intellectual, the peaceful and the wise, for such things should be despised, yet the cool guy has a magnum and the ganster does to, rather his uniform is black or blue, so I have to rather I agree or not, or do I have to, its all happen before, does it have to again, I see my 2nd right as a right to kill or be killed, to die in the night by dog called a cop, to be robbed, murdered, or become a murderer, will I be cool then?, I'll take this evil and lock it away, but to its arms I'll never run, thank you I'll stand up on the guides blessing over killing, dying a noble and not a coward, to fight the real enemy, and never bow down to any man, on my principals I stand and if that evil thing takes this body down my soul its creator will never claim Written by -Jamal smith 4/21/15

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2b2b2 says:

Superb!! Thanks for sharing....ONE

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