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"Beauty that Shines" (Mona Lisa)

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The image of Mona Lisa inside the canvas shines beyond the paint Her nonverbal emotion gracefully appeared on her face Her lips to her deep intellectual viewers seemed to lurk What most would call a smirk Sitting in a well classy, elegant poise shows the confidence that glows within and shines out She causes no surprise with peaceful gaze in her eyes Her delicate tone soothes the imagery within the frame All around the world her title that says her name remains She is a classic work of art from an artistic perspective Mona Lisa captivating image apparently seems quite subjective Her image is a treasure its highly valuable behind protected glass The comments of spectators as they bypass the creation of beauty will never depreciate Her presence behind a canvas well always radiate She is that "Beauty that Shines"

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Wize Dom says:


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wesnesby says:

beautiful, lol you might be describing yourself though. What a precious piece. Much respect much respect


Ladypoet45 says:

Great work tiffanyr. I've never read of a work of art be described so eloquently by another work of art. This was definitely an enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing, keep writing and welcome to the vibe.

tiffanyr says:

Thanks Wize Dom.

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tiffanyr says:

Wesnesby lol I might be never know didn't think I was describing myself until now.

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tiffanyr says:

Thanks Ladypoet45. I love your comment never had anybody say to me they never read a work of art be described so eloquently by another work of art. Your welcome I will keep writing.

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