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A Better Tomorrow

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the uniformed men

no different than taliban Ben

march through our borders and slaughter

these kids witness the sickness

shed tears for fallen peers

swat rush in through third gear

you won't shatter my career

I refuse

removed my self long ago from project housing

the drones are browsing

our homes

hard to cope in these dope surroundings

and half our folks still lounging

while the other half is scrounging to dwell in a legit lifestyle

but still categorized as wild and foul

considered monkey in their eyes

so for most of us it's steel cages, rages and temper tantrums

were just ransom

I stampeeded the exit in search of a new segment

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mlowe5 says:

Well penned. I hear you my Brother. It remains the same old poo poo; just a different toilet. To keep on keeping on, we need to keep flushing the poo down, rather than allow it to flush us down. Peace, Love and Unity.

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