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A Kundalini Love Awakening (The First Day...)

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Shades  of  silk  cover  the  dark  moon’s  shine
Smooth  and  reflective  is  the  sheen  in  resign
Resting  perfectly  still  but  liquid  by  design
Serene   movements  beckon  beneath  the surface
Perfected  in  this   time  of  gazing  and  ponder


I  must  touch  and  stir  the  waters  of  eloquence
Timely  winds  ruffle  the  peaceful  shades  of  silk
Stirring  and  swirling, from  a  impassioned  command
As  invisible  serpentine  kundalini  awakens  to  unfurl
As  the  moon  meets  and  greets  this  night  in  nature


Stars  once  covered  in  silk  begin  to  shimmer  igniting
As  if  by  a  trance  as  the  full  moon  romances  the  sky
All  movements  of   creatures  are  enraptured  in  passion
Crescendos  from  staff  encircled  by  sweet  serpentines
Heat  up  the  midnight’s  horizon  in  aurora  borealis  streaks


Illuminating  in  a  love  soon  to  be  complete  in   reign
Glamour  waxes  all  imperfection  as  wanes  of  unfulfilled
Biological  reactions  of  love’s  dew  of  sticky  moistures
Capture  in  a  brew  overflowing  rivers  of  memory’s  banks
Quakes  of  violence  signal  the  coming  of  peace  yet  again
On  cue  silk  covers  rise  to  hide  the  night’s  moonshine
Intoxicated  and  exhausted  we  sleep  late  past  the  break  of  dawn!


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Ladypoet45 says:

Remarkably beautiful. Excellent work here 2B. I could read this again and again. Incredible imagery too. Thank you for sharing this.

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UnderHisWings7 says:

Poetic talent!

mrmelody7 says:

Vintage classy one number one commentator very serene calming visual read

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