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"Hold On"

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Hold on is a complex two word To every Christian you heard that word Its not to say hold on when times is hard ,but you have to be strong and say "I will make it in the long run Hold on when your life go up and down Hold on when you feel your knees hit the ground Hold on when the devil attacks your heart Hold on when the devil steals your thought Hold on when you lean on your own understanding when it comes to your faith Dont let your sin make you feel like a disgrace I'm speaking to you are not a mistake Jesus loves you so much he even gave you his grace You have Jesus inheritance you are his daughter his son together you are one Hold on to Jesus garment and bow to his feet He the only one that can raise you from your feet He is the only one who can set you free Surrender your white flag Make your new refreshed life whole to Jesus Christ Let the words you so use to saying "give up" Let it mean give internal verified eternity (let your inner self be verified by Jesus for eternity under prayer) Always pray up and stay up!

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jspring says:

Nice "hold on"

tiffanyr says:

Thanks for the comment.

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2b2b2 says:

OUTSTANDING PSA (public service announcement)....Bravo....Amen!!!

Charles2 says:

you are very dedicated to what you believe, skillful in your approach and passionate about living it. nice work

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tiffanyr says:

Thanks 2b2b2 for the comment.

tiffanyr says:

Charles 2 I feel that somebody need to say what they believe in so I did it.

Charles2 says:

Yes, we each have ways to express our thoughts and feelings. You did well. Reminds me of church speakings. When I think of Jesus I see a man of uncommon good sense, moving among people with ease, despite troubled times espousing the strengths of people who love.

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tiffanyr says:

That's true we do have unique ways of expressing our inner feelings. This my like 3rd favorite poem I did well with but all my poems are great. How do it remind you of church speakings? I love the way you think about of Jesus.

mrmelody7 says:

always nice to read your creative gifts hold on if not to him who else is there

tiffanyr says:

Continue to read my creative gifts. True he is always there.

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