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Awoke from a conscious dream
With focused eyes realized 
My field of view isn’t always what it seems
It’s hard to combat this realization 
When my dreams feel realer than
my current situation
I’m prone to chase the trophies that eluded me
Off track ignoring the path at my feet
So close I can reach out and touch it 
Almost in my grasp still coming up with nothing 
Empty once again
Shortcomings never end

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Charles2 says:

well written. been there, out of phase

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mlowe5 says:

I hear you, Brother. As you sojourn, just remember, dreams become visions and visions become realities---"Forward Ever; Backwards Never". Continue to draw from that inward energy. Peace, Love and Unity.

coloured_asian says:

Great pen about reality...thumbs up ;)

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