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A Poetic Soliloquy To My Father...

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I invoke you—

Spirit of my father,

invoke you:

Worshipped ancestor


You who sits at feet of God;

In whose image

We and the universe were created.


In life, the meeting of our eyes

Is a lost memory; yet

In life, sons and daughter

Are spitting images—thee and me.

As these eyes and mine meet,

I yearn that our eyes to meet again

In this transitory earth bound world.

Ah, but I am consoled in the revelation,

That you in ancestral world are preparing;

And that we shall enter into a glorious immortality.


I invoke you;

Spirit of my father, I invoke you

In the spitting images of sons and daughter—

Be pleased in these humbled seedlings

In whose human forms your spirit is transformed;

And in whose life forces your spirit will forever abide.

Spirit of my father, I invoke thee; spirit of my father, abide in me.

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Charles2 says:

powerful inquiry into the spiritual world. strong connections never die

tinesia30 says:

IN Jesus name AMEN. Powerful write .

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