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"I Love You Lord!"

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Lord you are better than man on Earth You love me to the core you made me from your precious dirt Husband you are to me I'm your wife the angels know we are meant to be As I walk in the sand making footprints you make invisible footprints next to me you watch me hum hymns as melodies with your spiritual note as key I love you as you love me You are my date we under your bright light that only you can turn off I want to fly with you hand in hand let the world know with a sign you are all I have I put my life on the line for you that no worker of the devil can cross over We don't need no marriage license we already living in the kingdom Your love expands the universe with non stop rotation When I get the tingly sensation its you living in me My body is your home your the landlord you check out the fake people who try to enter without a key Scriptures are like milk they fill me up Thank you Lord for turning my attitude like yours Now land my feet back on the floor

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latin_lover says:

Very spiritual write. Loved it.

tiffanyr says:

Thanks latin lover I love it too.

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Kharisma says:

Love this piece. Loving the Lord is a beautiful feeling.

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