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I was called a for telling the truth, spewed venom from the hateful words that carried my worth from you. Introverted within time, I still tried to make some sense of this reoccuring nightmare of us. I was called a because I had maybe one or two conversations with someone that wasn't you, and in knowing that someone was in fact the same gender as you I became an animal on all fours panting for attention. You striking out your demise for revengence, and I'm stuck on the misconception of me being something other than a woman to you.Donny Hathawy said it best, "Giving up is the hardest thing to do when you really love someone", but when that someone don't love you giving up is the easiest and quickest satisfaction guaranteed thing to do. Unless you want to remain that , knowing thats all he's gonna see when he looks at you. 

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latin_lover says:

Excellent write.

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Kharisma says:

Thank you

Ladypoet45 says:

Great write Kharisma, great imagery too. Keep writing and welcome to the vibe.

amin901 says:

Very nice Beloved.I only wish you would share more.

Kharisma says:

Thanks you all.

mrmelody7 says:

Your pen shows you are learning from your experiences do this and you will always be your true self, look at your pen as Donny Hathaway sings youve got a friend

Kharisma says:

Thank you so much

after vision says:

your life experience translate to paper well my poet

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Kharisma says:

Thank you so much

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