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Debts  2b  repaid  on  the  backs of  the divinely  opulent

Historically  enslaved  totally  encased  by  creed

Force  to  breed  solely  by  familial  philosophies

Wandering  in  a  desert  of  choice  by  hypocrisy

Chosen  in  fallacy  from  pickings  off  the  same  tree

Leaves  carry  wind  or  is  it  wind  carrying  leaves?

Conspiring  to  rule  completely  in  all  fiscal  schemes

Untold  to  multitudes  but  promised  by  allegiance in  thee

Profits  are  cultured  based on  unforgiving  interest

As  all  industries  of  import  in  head  over  body  you  land

Reasoned  by  superiority  is  coincidental  in  your  expanse

Humility  is  relative  to  opposing  forces  caving  into  consignment

For  examples  are  checked  via  nexus  to  revolt  or  uprisings

Fighting  powers  out  for  revenge  on  those  not  so  inclined

Bygones  never  left  when  all  you  can  be  is  right  in  your  needs

Antithetical  actions  speak  louder  than  words  of  peace

Bellicose  reactions  necessitated  in  a  race  towards  survival

Reviled  reflections  of  humans seasoned  by  the  throes  of  humanity

Only  to  procreate  imperfections  based  on  misunderstandings

So  ONE  multiplied by  any  produces  a  universal  constant  regularity

Which is  to  say  no  matter  the  distinction,  it  will  always come  back to YOU!!!

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Ladypoet45 says:

Deep. Great work here 2B. As always. Thanks for sharing.

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Kingqadardwon' says:

Outstanding as always brother

2b2b2 says:

Thanks LP....ONE

2b2b2 says:

Thanks much Brother KingQadarDwon'.....appreciation...ONE

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