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A Daughter's Regrets

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I regret the days that I wasn't able to spent it with you,
But how? When you have left me too soon.

I regret the days that I wasn't there when you held your last breath,
But what could a one year old girl ever do?

I regret the days when you could have been by my side,
Reading to me my bed time story...
But how? When all I could see is a picture of you as a memory.

I regret the day that I wasn't able to witness the sparkle in your eyes
When you held mom in your arms,
All because I am still too young to even be oblivious of the people around me.

I regret the times that I became too emotional
because I miss you so much, but 
I know you'll never be coming back.

I regret the days when a certain guy broke my heart,
Because I will never be able to experience the comfort
of being wrap in your loving arms.

I regret that you left without a warning...
because how can one escape with reality
that you are now just a hazy memory.

I regret those times that I locked up myself in my room,
Too afraid to go outside, because I know you will
never have that chance to protect me.

I will regret the 'could-have-been-you' moment someday,
when I'll be walking down the aisle, and would realize
somebody is missing.

I will forever regret not having you around,
because every single day, it will remind me
that something in me is empty...

...But if there is one thing I won't regret,
it's that one sole chance that you became
the first man who held me, took care of me
and loved me....UNCONDITIONALLY.


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