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A Memoir

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My life is all I have

So please don't mind if I share

Grew up in a home with some 

Folks that never cared


My mother was a crack whore

That couldn't hold a job

My stereotypical father

Was a black a** slob

Wannabe Houdini, David Blaine looking b**** a**

Mother never graduated with the rest of her class

Thought cause she was cute life'd give her a pass


Daddy killed a man

Mommy did some drugs

Shoved into a foster family

Smothered in hollow hugs

No godd*** role model

Just a military vet beating his wife

'Till she starts to hobble

Forcing me into a f****** cult

Handling snakes and washing feet

As though if not life was gonna revolt


I'll skip ahead

To the motherf***** beating me

She left him

Then left me

In the streets

With n***** carrying heat

Seemed like my life was complete

Felt trapped inside a flaming car

Strapped into the front seat


Now I'm alone

Bachelor, living in my own home

Playing on my phone 

Acting like I'm doing drive-by's with

A motherf****** drone

I'm spitting out rhymes 

Faster than Barry Allen going down

On Wally West

Surely, I jest

Obviously I know I'm not the best


These hood rats wouldn't have me cause

Instead of rocking J's

I'd rather wear a sweater vest

And a pair of Sperry's

I don't look f****** scary

They all say they'll spare me

I just wish a n****'d dare me


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2b2b2 says:

TIGHT piece.....yess!!

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