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2,389 Days of Him

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two thousand. three hundred. eighty-nine. 


they say some memories last forever, but how do you teach the mind not to forget as time runs its course? how do you preserve the best moments in life with something such as ones mind when we, as flawed individuals, can not control every thought?


two thousand. three hundred. eighty-nine. 


they say a picture freezes the moment making it unforgettable. it supposably captures the exact emotion in that time and saves it for eternity. but what happens when the ink fades? will that memory "captured" become just as distant and dull as its image?


two thousand. three hundred. eighty-nine. 


a measurement of approximately 6.542 years. a measurement defined by moments of love, both good and bad. one out weighing the other. when asked "which one out weighed which?" i simply reply, "doesn't matter on this day. at this time. day two thousand. three hundred. and eighty-nine." 


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Phenomenal Paris says:

A wonderful read

yuhi says:

An absolutely amazing poem...

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