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"Difference of a Woman"

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A woman of God don't keep an angry mind because acting mad gives you notice
An woman of God don't sleep around when you know God is your Father
A woman of God don't let any man in her life
A woman of God read Jesus word daily
A woman of God don't complain where she works at
A woman of God comes from a good family that got flaws
A worldly woman steps around because it feels good or she gets paid for it
A worldly woman don't like the word church because Satan tell her not to go, but to keep hitting the streets
A worldly woman don't be celibate for long because a man do her too good
A worldly woman dress slutty for a man visual needs
A worldly woman keep a blackbook
A worldly woman will keep a no good man around because of how he get down sexually
A worldly woman will keep an domestic abuse man around because he said sorry
A worldly woman need to ride around in style
A worldly woman like being a bad chick with a fake big booty
A worldly woman don't mind having kids with multiple baby daddy's inside of a small town
A woman of God keep her babies while Jesus be the daddy she won't go around to get a father for her kid because she can't do it on her own
A woman of God keep her legs closed until marriage.

Which woman do you want to be?

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