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" City bluz"

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Popularity is popular

everyone searching for the stare

duck lips and the hair 

signature wardrobes

selfie Facebook photos 

competing to be that someone 

that everybody knows 

iPhones , iPod and Androids 

crazy ringtones 

chillin in a zone

munching on appetizers 

eyes hypnotized by cell phones 

nobody's home but the half grown 

hiding tattoos on their backbones 

be later when Mama get home

alkki always got Daddy stoned 

you don't have to worry about it

I got some patron 

make you forget about it 

God got cha back be strong 

craving attention not to mention

we need society's permission 

so we can fit into this dimension 

be a participant or hater 

fake it till you make it 

borrowing a favor 

giving much or just a taker 

too many contradictions 

about political views 

lie vs. lies keeping us confused 

then we don't vote

don't have a clue on what to do 

emotional rollercoaster 

keeps us amused 

hanging upside down

we can't see the stars

so we reach for the ground 

irrational reasoning

is nothing new 

can't climb the corporate ladder

it's only for a few 

booed up with two 

Is news you can use 

practicing to be selfish 

lives doesn't seem to matter much

especially when you die 

with your hands up 

so you just keep sipping the cup 

exhaling with a puff 

until you get enough 

find yourself too hurt to cry 

too sick to die 


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2b2b2 says:

Great Capture.....ONE

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