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Cause my boat wanted to sink in the sea was my fright, My abdomen I prevented for Shark not to bite, With the death I wanted to hold a fight, As I prayed for survival to efface my plight. . My darkness I prayed to be swallowed by light, The Boat I prayed to turn to a big kite, The big kite that would take me on flight, For the death not to stand my might. . My sunset I prayed to be covered by the night, The night that would blind the death's sight, A tail on head was my thought with a hope in white, For that death wanted to disrespect my height. . Surprised I was to see an angel cool and bright, Little was my courage when I saw the blight, At snail's race he took me out on a slight, And blinded the sight of death with a flight.

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2b2b2 says:

Tight Work...thanks for sharing!

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