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" Stereotypes "

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When the word “stereotype” comes into your view what is your definition? as a culture of multi-ethnic races we are always stereotyped from an unknown individual on the outside being ignorant and showing their pride ,but today I stand with my mouth being my mic and speak for the other side with my boastful voice I say “dont throw your racist comments, your bias opinions on this side” I resonate with my people I sense the frustration in their eyes no culture is perfect, but as a culture we will rise your stereotypical nonsense can try to break us down, but we will build brick by brick we never stop we never quit I’m laughing at your losses come back with a win

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latin_lover says:

These are true words. Excellent write.

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tiffanyr says:

Thanks for the comment latin_lover.

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Ladypoet45 says:

Tell 'em Tiffanyr. Great flow. Their losses will forever remain hilarious. Thank you for sharing. Peace.

after vision says:

let the truth and your truth be told my poet

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tiffanyr says:

I'm telling them lady poet :) Thanks I let the flow too. Amen forever laughing. Thank you for reading.

tiffanyr says:

I will let the truth be told after vision.

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