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"Justice from Heaven"

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Justice is not formed on Earth

Justice has the final say in heaven

I love the courtroom that’s invisible to the naked eye

behind the golden gates is where all cases get solved by the One True Loving God

the sky is the courtroom, God is the judge he always has the final say, Jesus is the defense attorney he uses scripture to get cases overturned, the angels are the jury

your case in heaven don’t have numbers because Jesus knows everything above and below

you look to your right and laugh and say “ ha! ha! Satan thought he won even from where he’s at”

you face forward to hear God repeat your case details

angels bow and pray in the audience with halos on their heads

Satan always try to cross examine Jesus with his lies

Jesus is defeating him on your behalf in this trial

the jury deliberates in the meeting room for an hour then comes back into the courtroom

“Do you have a verdict?” God ask the jurors

“Yes we have” jurors say back

as you and Jesus rise to your feet

hope forms in your heart, a smile is spread on your face, Jesus holds your hand with his Holy Spirit circulating through your veins

today is going to be a hope, a change

“The defendant is not guilty”

you fall to your knees and cry and say “ There is justice in heaven!”

Jesus places a white robe over you with a halo to symbolize you glow wherever he go

to mothers who never got justice, to all cold cases

the final say is in heaven look up

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amin901 says:

Creative.Good insight.Keep expressing

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tiffanyr says:

Thanks I always think about a story before I write it. I will keep expressing myself.

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2b2b2 says:

Brilliant Capture...thanks for sharing

tiffanyr says:

Thanks for reading and I like the capture too.

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