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If you're not too busy

come visit me

since you've been gone

I've been heartbroken, miserable

and a little under the weather

maybe if you coud

come talk to me

I'll feel better

about some things

that are happening

you would know just what to do

I would obediantly listen to you

you have always made sacrifices

that why I honor you opinions

and advice

staring deeply into the seat

you once set in

it's empty now

I rather stand then sit down

stop by,if you are ever in town

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mlowe5 says:

What a beautiful read. I am so glad that I stopped by to savor it. It's your seat now. Sit in it (and Write)! Remember, we are still here---individually and collectively---because of those who before us, made sure we would have "seats" to fill. Again, I say, as I move on to today's chores of liberation, our Ancestors did more with less; let us not be guilty of doing less with the more we have. When you stand, stand up in that Seat that the children can see and hear you! Peace and Love, mlowe5.

Stonsing says:

I feel this

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Nosajm@gmail.com says:


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