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*modern day ancestors*

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                                   *modern day ancestors*

 They begin to say stuff like we fear for our lives, so the first action to a response like that would be to pull out a gun and shoot?  

Hmp.  Whatever helps you go to sleep at night, speaking of knight we never had one to come and save us matter of fact the closest thing we have to a knight just so happens to wear all black and can easily be concealed like your hidden agendas.

But whatever helps you go to sleep at night. Speaking of night that’s what they pray upon in hopes to see a brighter morning as if terra doesn’t come in the A.M.  Because waking up to the sounds of gun fire is therapeutic right? Okay.

But whatever helps you go to sleep at night. Speaking of night we’re tired of being slept on and wept on I have to break it down real quick excuse me, speaking of night its dark outside I said we’re tired of be slept on get it? Tired but we get no sleep dead brothers and sisters in the streets they laugh at the our expense and got the nerves to kick us out when we can’t make rent another reason why we don’t sleep I said we’re tired of being wept on meaning we cry on each other holding each other tight being told don’t go to the light it’ll be alright.

But whatever helps you go to sleep at night, I pray that lighting hits every one of its attended targets I pray that every time you lay your head down to rest that you’re able to hear the screams and cries for every innocent person you and your division has ever murder in cold blood I pray that shackles and chains follow you were ever you go.

But most importantly whatever helps you sleep at night



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