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*only trying to love you*

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*only trying to love you*

You start to get a clue but don’t follow the lead

You don’t want to be right so you prefer to be wrong like two left feet

Because in the back of your mind you know the truth already you’re

Just trying to push that thought further away from your mental it’s

Understandable who wants to get hurt? Who in they right mind would like

To be saved from the very thing they wanted and worked hard for its

It pains you to even have to bring it up so you asked questions such as what good can come from this? Can it be resolved? Is the issue that bad to where you actually feel like it needs to be address or could you simply let it be? The answer is uncertainty. Your mind is not where it needs be right now neither is your heart. In the dark it easy to let it all out no one is around.  No one to judge you, your heart becomes your tour guide to everything you never wanted to be a part of in the first place. It’s as if everything

Is a race including time which you begin to think you are losing. What’s the truth behind it all what’s really important? You know that there is another but your mind beats all odds that’s in your heart

All you want is love and every day you smile but every night tells a different chapter in how you feel

About what’s going on funny how its only one author but many stories have just unfolded 

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