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I figure..6 figures is the best route but 7 would be better, my hands are quick yet slippery tryin to juggle all this shyt... Its time to cash in on my dreams hoping to get a good where the Sandman...when you need him the most...these  thoughts are brought to you by a struggling artist...writing to inspirer from the heart of my aesthetics expression...please bless me and pay me some attention and listen...give me 15 mintues of fame.

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mrmelody7 says:

Things to ponder me dont know if I want the thing called fame a major part of your life will be taken away

SYQ222 says:

Lol..... No just metaphor for trying to get myvvoice heard. Lol... Or my book

mrmelody7 says:

dont get me wrong there is nothin wrong with that logic wish you much success in your endeavors

Carmello yello says:

You got the talent for sure! Way more than most that have made it. We need more voices like yours. I hear it, and more ears will tune in too! Spiral out~

SYQ222 says:

Thanks yall its...i think most writers want to be heard. We write to express. Its a reciprocal way we live. We write to inspire and in exchange we recieve an outpour of either live or anger. Thanks yall!!

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