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Massa Been Mad

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Whites only began to really hate Blacks

when we stopped scrubbing their floors,

stopped picking cotton, and watching their brats

then fled out of our slave owners doors.

Dark people, and Blacks in general

decided to transition away from harm,

because low wages, no life, and no hope

was how ugliness spread its charm.

Myself, family, and all of the races here

have seen a commitment to degrade,

starting from the supreme court on down

this hatred for most isn't hid under shade.

No, it's much more brazen and bold

unashamed in showing their ass, 

but like every kingdom that created despair

fell hard, and did not even last.

My concern about in their quest for gain

is that those who love may get hurt,

which is happening and always has

this kind of hate is much lower than dirt.

But knowledge of anything is a defense

knowing and seeing hate gives one an edge,

to be even more creative and faithful

though if I am the enemy, I'll fight, I pledge.


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SYQ222 says:

Gorgeous like every kingdom that created despair. Powerful!!

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