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"Unsaved to Faith "

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From the world to spirituality is a road we all been on On the good journey we sing songs Over the bumps we are overthrown by thorns In our unsaved days we did many wrongs We did drugs, crimes went through the wrong crowds Jesus was non existent by the grayness of the world shinning light to your eyes We know now the spiritual knowledge we lacked back then we can smile because Jesus gave us a reason to we can hope in a next day breakthrough We can look at faith and not by sight We can stand on the mountain that we can meet Jesus on you talk to Jesus in an language that is foreign to others, but it's an A, B conversation between you two "From Unsaved to Faith " to being a followers of Satan to an leader to Christ you didn't believe this transformation can happen, but Jesus proved you wrong

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latin_lover says:

This is very inspirational. Excellent write.

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tiffanyr says:

Thanks for the great comment.

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