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You Only Get One In A Life Time.

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     From the day i was born and you feed me as love was the foundation of compassion you've taught me, from the time I could walk and grew and understood that you're one of a kind You only get  one!

   When I fell and skinned my knee playing in the summer sun, I cried out to you and a smile was placed upon your face only a mother could have: as love you held was deeper than the open sea as tenderness of love is written upon your face. The only woman that can make a rainy day become sunshine. God knewwhat he was doing when he/her blessed me with you. One in a life time.

   Those precious nights as the smell of what's cooking would.make my mouth water just waiting too get to the table as Sunday Dinner is the best feast of the week.

   While dad was at work and I messed up,the thought of twowhoopings was too much to bare, after someone old told on me, She'd say your father will be home soon so go to your room.

   Now that i've grown and have a family of my own, you're still waiting for me with open arms and still got that crazy belt.You only get one in a life time.

   Now you're sitting and thinking of how I was born as I look upon my grandchldren,as the thoughts of the most precious woman any man could ever have,and only get's one in his lifetime.

  So I say all these things to you on this day and everyday after ou Mom. As a man I know for a fact. You Only Get One In A Life Time.

                               James Wolfgeorge Black Spades 22Div.

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