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A Traveler's Note

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I've traveled the open seas to see if there are better shores,
Wanting more
I'll moor foreign or demestic
The journey, bless it
Lord, plot the course

Sailors and pirates dream of foreign treasure
Lustful pleasures
Endeavoring in all this world has to offer
I'll offer you this:


In the form of war
Torn apart
My hard-beating heart can't take the pull

I'm tired. 

Weary from the soft rock
This third rock
Has tested my merit.
And whatever the chosen metric to measure a man
I've been measured

And here I stand..

As a man
My final stand will be on land
Fine sand
Ocean breeze 
Please let me be 
Without contempt!

In my post-war peace,

I dream of old age
A sage
Not foolish enough to stand in the sand alone

Because if there's one thing I've learned 
from my time waving farewell to the beach... 

Solitude is only meant for the sea. 

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