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***ing You

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 By Street Cries

 As I open the door my site sees you standing on your feet Half necked in the GA heatThe rythm of cool compressed air mixed with your heart beat

Prompts me to touch you like expensive sheets Tasting your lips also sweet You start to tingle understanding my eunice technique

Nipples harden with every breath you release My hand goes down from your brest to your peach Rubbing the clit you thinking how real is this

Laying down eyes close gripping my shirt with a fist My lips slowly going down to your clit I commence to licking your pearl tongue

You have no intention to resist The feel of you flesh erects my Of comes my outfit as your legs open Insisting the *** motion

With passion I enter the ocean slowly stroking Sounds of you moaning sweat dripping like a love potion

Legs on my shoulders while we ***ing Pounding the you start squirting Deep in the I start cumming Feeling satisfied and well you look into my eyes then we exhale Peace

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RonnieL says:

Well played write!

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