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Imitation of life

Views: 127

Necromancers handcuff baby making thighs together

Legislate population control

Birth control for the masses

Miscreants sterilized human geldings

Paying for spaying

Vagina lockdown

Forced fetus farming

Petri dish people

Prescreened by lab coated savages splicing genes under microscopes

Insemination without procreation

The demise of pelvic thrusts to make life

Moral majorities celebrate abortion clinic bombings

In the name of the profane

Jesus creeps control coochie

Right to choose

Chosen by females with few choices

Screaming ...

You can't hear their voices...

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mlowe5 says:

A profound pen, awakening us to new practices of an old practiced method of genocide! Write on, my brother. Peace and Love, mlowe5

JustOneStoryTeller says:

Nice one! I like this

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