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*** em

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Who can i trust? No one that's who I've been loyal to the wrong ppl including So called family too While they're back biting And throwing dirt on my name ask em who had their backs while everyone else complained I tried to be that listening ear when everyone else was caught up in their own affairs I was the one to take the time to listen When everyone else showed u they didn't care If you ever needed anything who did u call? I guess i'm the biggest joke cause i actually cared for you all I made some bad choices when it came to the females i chose I've had a few good women But I've also came across some hoes Spiteful, greedy itches That proved they wasn't ish No respect for themselves or others but in 2017 i guess that makes you tha ish I'm thankful for the experience cause it showed me who's who Ppl will turn there backs on you because it's the wave and they wanna ride it too I ain't even mad because most of you i could see right thru but i promise one day you'll miss having someone around who genuinely cared for you Most of you are succubus and they will suck you til your dry Some ppl are envious And you may never know why I aint gonna lie that hurt me to my heart But it also made me strong so thanks to everyone that played there part *** em

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