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"Sandy Beaches"

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We are two unique stars placed in the sky

We don't move we stay

Our love is electricity shooting through our veins just sitting next each other brings fire and we don't even need wood

My mind processed a thought

" What is the thought my love ?"

" Let's head to our date destination that resembles ; sand, clear blue water, quiet atmosphere just the two of us and our love story"

" The beach"

Arriving at the beach we get out of the car and stop and look at our star

Our love at night outshines the light invisible in our walk

Walking barefoot on concrete we reach the sand

So white it remains soft in between our toes

Walking along the shore the warm breeze pass by our skin

I know with your love I win

Everyday is a date with my baby

No candles or food needed our love is the picnic blanket and our food is back at our home

No matter how many beaches we put our signature on 1, 2, or 3

I just want you with me


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Street Cries says:

Fire ink

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mrmelody7 says:

Pleasingly relaxin like watchin a short movie trailer strolling along the beach very strong imagery like reading and seeing in 3D

Don Julio says:

Nice relaxed vibe o this piece. Enjoyed it!

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tiffanyr says:

@streetcries thanks I will make more fire ink.

tiffanyr says:

@Don Julio thanks for loving this and enjoying this.

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