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Hard head Soft Ass



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I’ve always had a problem with wanting things that just could not be…

As I child I often cried because, I wanted never ending weekends so I could be forever free.

I wanted candy for breakfast, popsicles for lunch and ice cream for dinner.

I wanted it to always be my turn and of course I wanted to always be the winner….,

“But That’s not how life works” became a mantra instilled in me many years ago.

Too bad old habits die hard, and that’s one that I could never quite let go.

I want you….

And In addition to it feeling normal these feelings also reign true.

I know that I shouldn’t,

I hear you saying we couldn’t,

I just can’t help but feel like we can….

You say this isn't that for you..

But it is for me.

So as far as where it’s going, I guess we just have to wait and see.

But I do know that I want you…

I’m All grown now

but somehow

I still find myself crying to be free,

I still pray for never ending weekends so you could always be with me.

I crave your smile for breakfast, your laugh for lunch, and your body for dinner.

I want it to always be my turn with you and for you to forever declare me the winner….

            Of your heart.

I guess some lessons are never learned…..


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mlowe5 says:

Well exclaimed. Yes, "a hard head and soft ass" will cringe your mind, heart and soul. Great write, Bragee! One. Peace and Love.

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love_supreme says:

True words, excellent write.

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