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She was Pure Love without warning lables, I had no other choice but to submit
I seriously tried to put up a fight, but clenched fist stayed opened to...
Receive Her
Believe Her
My eyes clouded with tears that didn’t know any definitions of how to greave Her
I always perceived her as a Shape Shifting Beast
Changing her forms, depending on who sang her songs in between poetic sheets
She caused hearts to skip beats, in rhythms of childrens jump rope songs
Youthful memories of climbing trees or playing in fallen leaves
I tried, but couldn’t find anything wrong
I danced with her long and hard
My sweat filled sensual seas, because her saliva healed all my scars
I even tried to escape from this Love Heist using a Hate-Filled get-away car
But I didn’t get very far...
Her Love kept calling me back like some new form of Agape Crack
I called her a and gave her a whack, with my canine styles of attack
All along she still kept my tail waggin, I repeatedly fell into her arms
Gently she stroked lochs on my mind, while my body she lovingly wrapped
I tried to get over, under, around, finally attempting to run right through
But this love she hit me with was forgiving, unconditionally understanding
Even when my actions made her feel unfavorably blue
What’s a Bro To Do!?!
Even Jesus Wept, because he knew she had me whipped with her Love Voodoo
Had my face covered deep in Love PooPoo
Stank Azz grin’s from saying I Love You Again and Again and Again
Wondering when or how will this mushy finally end
Because I got use to Misery being Life’s Only True Friend
But then again, only miserable people affected by False Love accepts this tradition
I think this chick was sent to me on a Special Mission
She was wiping clean my outdated ideas of Love and all other Contra--shuns
Superstitions, transmitted to protect my male dominant ignorance in pre-historic administrations
Because Nag’s, Hag’s and Bag’s of guilt-ridden deranged slang, limited my evolution
With side-effects from a Domestically Violent and Emotionally Disturbed Nation
She was an Agent-Angel sent by God to add Common Sense to Love Relations
A Love ever so sweet and not the least bit bitter-tasting
Had myhumming R&B negro spiritual subliminals, from Mrs. Jones to Amazing Grace-ings
This wasn’t a one-sided sexual fantasy of special sauce, she glazed my mind with butter basting
All covered and smeared with Spiritual and Escoteric Foundations
I found myself praying to Allah and Jehova for some divine Lunar Revelations
Because never have I witnessed such a Rose, without the Thorns of Physical Aggrevations
And never will I forget this Rose. The Light and Redeemer of my Loves Salvation

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