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2 Weeks Notice

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 You think I’m supposed to deal
With your bull?
Be stupid, dumb, &
Just put up with it!
I told you I loved you
Real feelings never quit!
But don’t get me wrong…
Please don’t get me twisted.
I’m by myself tonight
You’re the one I should be with.
What’s the excuse now?
Some more lame bull!
I’ve been a good woman to you.
I deserve better than what I get.
I never disrespected you
My loyalty stayed thick!
That’s real love…
Practice that !
Cuz I’ve been a faithful lover
Not some whorish, lying .
You keep playing games…
That’s the appreciation I get!
Am I not worthy?
Am I not fit?
Cuz I’m here alone always…
On nights like this!
A year of my life
Trying to be your chick
The problem is clear
Some things can’t be fixed.
So, I’m saying *** it…
I’m saying I quit!!!
I did my part
You where my #1 pick
I gave you my all
Every time I took that .
So what went wrong?
I applied for a full time position…
Not this part time !
I love myself too much.
I need more benefits.
I’m over qualified for your temp job.
So before I get laid off…
I resign.
I quit!
Keep your unemployment…
Give it to the next !
Pink Slip!!!


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