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I been so busy with maintaining my existence writing has been receiving my cold shoulder. I gotta pick up the pace my third book won't write itself.

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 -This is the parable of the orphan turned parent
-A man and a woman fell in love
-They were anorectic duet
-She was a Janelle and he was a Bandit
-Kind of like Lady and The Tramp
-She was way out of his league and that was apparent
-They were complete opposites
-And attracted like some magnets
-Stick around
-It’s the legend of the orphan turned parent
-Before too long they were expecting an infant
-That made him nervous
-Because he was never been known to run from start to finish
-But he was known to run from his commitments
-And by 2005 he has lost both of his parents
-This is A
-Saga of A
-Raga Muffin turned parent
-With no parents
-His fear of failure had become an epidemic
-It had also drove him eccentric
-Almost altered him cynic
-Praying that, that gene, his baby girl wouldn’t inherit
-Then he started thinking awe man just forget it
-It was the fact he was sociopath, schizophrenic, manic depressed person
-Just to be more specific
-That made his thinking incoherent
-This is a fable of a drifter turned parent
-So he exits to Akron
-You see with pressure he splits
-Figuring a clearer head comes with distance
-In reality
-Emptiness arrived in an instant
-He returns back to Canton to show his true grit
-Get his head together and get back to Brooklyn
-Went back to jail during this process
-Praying for a no bill
-God stand in his defense
-This is
-The Parable of the orphan turned parent

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