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I been so busy with maintaining my existence writing has been receiving my cold shoulder. I gotta pick up the pace my third book won't write itself.

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A 1 Night Stand....Postponed

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 -A waft brought her from over yonder.
-Indifferently I come across as a jerk or a jack.
-Perchance I should play the fool, the jester or the ninny.
-Well….I just wanna get this drunken marry maiden in my humble abode.
-Ice picking conversation I inquire, “How art thou?”
-Ere I’d ask if she’s obtained a beau yet.
-Tonight that answer doesn’t pertain to me.
-The maiden & I journey to an adjourned part of the pub.
-“You have no plans after the final summon I pray,” I say.
-Because all I want is to get this drunken marry maiden into my humble abode.
-The maiden responds in agreement.
-Attempting not to appear as the lozel that I am.
-We exit without paying the bill taking the rear entrance.
-HARK! I’m ballin’ on a budget.
-To depart we arrive at her steed.
-We saddle up; she plays “Still Ray.”
-Destination is conquered.
-Alas I have this drunken marry maiden in my humble abode.
-I present a box crushed grapes as the libation.
-Hashish is twisted for she informs me that she likes to smoke.
-To get her feeling relax & ope.
-I moe some Teddy P.
-The drunken marry maiden & myself adventure to the bedchamber.
-Prophylactics are brandished for I am not baseless ya know.
-The drunken marry maiden cloddishly undresses.
-After she lies on the bed.
-I submerge underneath the linens, to give her nothing a taste.
-Next I rise with a furious anger, throwing the covers off me.
-After getting this drunken marry maiden to my humble abode………
-Her twat hath a quat.


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bulldognation44267 says:

This is epic, I enjoyed reading it. Original

The Derrick Terrill Project says:

thanx glad u enjoyed it

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