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5 to 1

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Dark room full of money 
Smelling with an essence of honey
I don't know if it's the bluriness from toxins flowing out of this glass or the smoke hiding the absence of class.
Class is not invited here, only dirty dreams
Secret dirty dreams hidden beneath what was once clean 
Light symbolizes visibility while dark hide all even humility 
Life seems to stop reality seems to disappear
Thoughts are left with no fear
The smoke clears and I see the crowd 
But to my surprise beneath the dust  cloud 
I see creatures who were once proud on that day they said those vows.
Their curiosity makes their hearts beat while down below the area is so weak
So weak one can not formulate the words we want to  speak 
Stunned by what lies upon their eyes realizing she's touching your inner most juicy thigh
No longer is this place for the typical freaky guy
No longer do we need them to touch our bodies till we cum
They are surrounded  5 to 1

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