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It’s time, and we must now realize and know,

Only we can take ourselves to where we must go;

Just go and look into the reflected mirror of Ourstory

And observe who it was that lead us to our glory.


We can no longer just sit and wait on Emancipation’s


We Blacks got to get back to the mattering of our own


Just take a look at Motherland Africa, and her child,


And see that there are no Ukrainian-like efforts for them nor

You and me.


It is no accident that the Mattering Of Black Lives In America,

Has been put on hold;

The mirror of History will reflect that we not being a priority,

Extends from days of old:-

As we continue to live and enjoy life, let’s continue to stop

The taking of lives,

As we continue to labor with divine wisdom and guidance 

And the prize in our eyes.


P.S.:  This is not intended to be just a poetic vibe to you from me,

          But more of a reminder of the continuous work we have to do;

          That we charter liberty’s sojourn for those following me and you

     Thus, in faith, hope, and courage, let’s maintain our Black integrity!






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Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

We must maintain our integrity, love_supreme. Thanks. Peace and Love.
Contest Winner  

mlowe5 says:

Thanks, DEEBUD815. Peace and Love.

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