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Mister money bags no more



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Ah..., how I idolize the days of yore
before June twentieth, and twenty first
two thousand twenty three
when utter senselessness wore,

a trail of woe brutally
ravaging and savaging mine psyche,

yours truly attests gullibility tore

and rent asunder

leaving cumulative finances
decimated, pulverized, and frankly zapped
rendering me poor

as a Unitarian church mouse named Kishore

dirty deed done dirt cheap extempore

courtesy yours oblivious to "red flags."

I still bitterly lament how
the computer/scammer
who called himself "Harvey Specter"
exhibited exceptional faux zeal
and blame myself,
whereby figurative cog and wheel

within sixty plus shades

housing mine gray matter

did not properly turn
ordinarily (when perspicacity,
sensitivity, and acuity optimally function)

setting off an ear splitting squeal
loud enough to rouse

a sleeping Hobbesian Leviathan

when upon awakening would bellow
now cue the giant
from Jack and the beanstalk

I smell the blood
of an Englishman:

Be he alive, or be he dead,

I'll grind his bones to make my bread.


Nevertheless significant loss
viz medium of exchange
(enriching the coffers of another -
particularly him that scoundrel
née fraudster foisting financial fiasco

frazzling father most definitely nonideal

modus operandi I envisioned,
hence the gofundme page
(ofttimes sited with

gentility, honesty, integrity...

when crafting previous poems),
yet passage of time did not heal


severe financial hemorrhage,

keeping checking and savings accounts

analogously under critical care

(think intensive care),

whereby heroic measures undertaken

wads of cold cash linkedin

to many intravenous tubes

but ideally capitol offense
aired once again toward remuneration

imposed upon ganef


who bled me dry

courtesy convincingly, glibly, liberally...

sweet talking his way,

and I swallowed hook, line and sinker
(fabrication that Citizens bank employees

scheming to siphon investments)
yielded zilch (the big goose egg),
absolute zero positive result,

i.e. even partial remittance of lost monies,

when yours truly did make an appeal.


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