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Optional Thoughts...Not Opprobrious...



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(Edited And Rewritten After Years of  Much Rethought)


That the chief residence

of colonized power

would be called

the White House

was no coincidence

of conscience

but a purposeful reflection

of the grandeur

of the plantation mansion…



political parties

had their ivory tint too:

adding mathematically  


ebony hues

to equal the majority…


While all this may seem like

opprobrious ranting

check out all today’s parties—we 

 too—independent as well—

a minority in more ways than one… 


If black lives mattered like all others,

why would all Afro-Americans

defecting into a single unified party

be considered a black panther

threat to the American way…why?


Strategy is strategy…whatever 

its hued tint—check today’s parties.

If this be deemed opprobrious thinking,

Then so mote it be.  Think about this.



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mlowe5 says:

GThanks love_supreme. Peace and Love.

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