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How oxymoronic it has become 

To call America, the home of 

The brave and the land of the free.

Oh, it is indeed the home of the brave

But in no way reflects the land of the free;

For free Black people can no longer 

Go freely shopping without the fear of death;

The fear of death that is allowed to be fueled

With racist hate and “Ghost Gun” murderings.

Meanwhile, political power-mongering is

The ultimate “Breaking News” of the day:-

The life of a criminally impeached POTUS

Is deemed more important than the weekly

Racist-hate-crime-muderings of free Blacks.


P.S.:  With Divine Wisdom and Guidance

          I shall continue until death to fight

          To truly make this place the home  

          Of the brave and land of the free:-


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mlowe5 says:

ONE, love_supreme. Thanks. Again, much appreciated. Peace and Love.

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