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Highlights from Highland Manor



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Courtesy Goofus and Gallant

who began their broadly-drawn

moral plays in the 1950s,

initially depicted as identical twins,

but later on, editors for Highlights

indicated the two were brothers,

but not twins, and by 1995,

they simply existed as two unrelated boys.


Analogously, ineptly, and uniformly juxtaposed

slipshod verse best flushed down toilet
or slid down into the behavioral sink

of garbage disposal,
yours truly presents the following
worthless trademark worded poetic drek.


Since this then year

July first two thousand and seventeen,

tubby more precise where

with thee missus,

and I dwell amidst bucolic environs,

shuffling back where

buffalo used to roam,

one sandy randy

handy dandy chap could don

“I hate boys” underwear

Schwenksville, Pennsylvania


trees abundant with leaves of grass spare

zip code: one nine four seven three,

unmotivated to partake of mental
exercises just sitting on me rear

this resident doth not find queer

disproportionate amount of time,

he spends never to overhear

lack of being ambulatory t'will be near

the mostly soundproof walls

inside apartment b44 assigned midyear,

one bedroom living social space


gives ample opportunity to assess linear

ratcheting kvetching asper

elderly folks inching along

chronological space/time continuum

purposefulness tis unlike to leer

that one day (fast as snap of fingers),

me haint give a rats ass

what rumor fishmongers relish,
and behind me back jeer

since old people lack
for fragile as jasperware


before each major chord din hated

since becoming housed here

and oft time cannot hear

even without television blasting away,
no doubt harboring

anticipatory anxiety sans,

frankly zaps, this dude

looks like a lady,

while making love in an elevator

cuz ah ma longish bedraggled
hydrogen peroxide tinted hair


many experience diminution
grim reaper's unannounced visit

metaphorical cog and gear

of vital sensory organs,

they capable of inducing fear

their non verbal body language

speaks volumes analogous
to a frightened deer,

when caught blindsided

within bright lights

of an automobile 'ere


unsure which way to go,

as a hollowed out existence
each precious moment 'ere
induces me to declare

to maximize utilizing
and dashing out in the thick

of evening rush hour traffic,

lacking notion, the
figurative coast not clear

when aye espy and stride-rite past,

an old lady or man riding shotgun


securely strapped in wheelchair,
or trudging to common
all purpose gathering place

subsequently doting bucks killed

upon scrutinizing what doth appear

and upon limitation in physical
functionality, aye aim to appear,
where birds of prey,
thence loftily circle gracefully

analogous to

rocketing fame of Aerosmith

gliding within upper atmospheric air.

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