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And On The Seventh Day



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we can spend the first moments of the day
remaining in the warmth and comfort of the bed in which we lay
curled up watching your reality shows
the ones I have no interest in
all the ones you recorded and saved during the week
but didn't have time to peep
awake now
on the seventh day
from a peaceful night of sleep
this day belongs to you
although this is the day that God did rest
after a week's worth of creating everything
it is your choice
as to what the rest of the day will bring
I will even shop at the mall with you
hit the mart to shop for groceries
or take a nice long car ride
moon roof open
singing old R&B songs against the highway breeze
and if you wanna go to that barbecue
we were invited to
at the house of your girlfriend whom I don't particularly like
or hit the club later on to listen to poetry
on the open mic
I'm all in
and my calendar is a blank page
a blank check you can cash immediately
my seventh day
and it being the seventh day
marking it on my calendar to be totally yours
it is not yet football season
finding me all day on the sofa chair
the world could be on fire outside
and I would not be aware
or care
so this day belongs to you
whatever you wanna do is alright with me
no argument at all
my calendar is totally free
whatever you got planned for me to do
whatever path you wanted me to take
check with her first
to see what plans she will also make
and I'll rain check it up to you tomorrow in worship
forgiveness is mine
if I fervently and sincerely ask
so please put off that task
or reassign to the next in line
most reverently
because today is the seventh day
and I promised it to her

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mlowe5 says:

Thus be the seeking of Divine Wisdom and Guidance in the laboring of thanksgiving love during the seven days we serve God. ONE. Peace and Love.

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