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lightness in the dark
If you're reading this you're it, get with it stay with it don't quit.

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Evil is not contrite Evil strikes out of spite Evil's desire is to harm Evil's only objective is to deliberately hurt you Evil is a vexation that will provoke you to wrath the only way to even the playing field is to get even some of us are impetuous not all of us can be imperturbable when it comes to transgressions Evil is calculated Evil studies us looks us up and down watches our every move we can't feel the Evil eye on us because Evil tends to smile at us with a sneaky grin like a Cheshire cat showing off its shiny veneers Evil teaches us how to discern spirit's we learn the hard way don't we if vengeance is God's then forgiveness must be too you say you forgive whomever offended you okay then tell me why the trauma continues to haunt you we got some unresolved issues don't we driving everyone crazy around you the doctor diagnosed you when you the only one who really know "what's wrong with you"

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mlowe5 says:

To The Point, Immortal Wize! YOu truly leveled it out! ONE. Peace and Love.

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