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CHILD OF NUMBERS (Apropos Of Some 6th Graders I Tutored)



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You are young gifted and worthy of success;

A gifted child of a loving God who gave us you.

This same loving God also created numbers too.

Always cherish the numbers with which you’re blessed.  


Use those navel numbers God has given you to lessen

The challenging burdens that will daily confront you in life.

With added grace, use them to divide and share HIs blessing;

Use these guided numbers to separate enlighten truths from lies.


In all things great and small, know that true love must be greater;

And hate must be less; for true love and hate can never be equal.

Remember, where love abides, hate can never ever reside;

Remember, two wrongs can never ever equal a single right.


Thus, my child, with numbers and the blessed brain

God has graciously given unto you, you must always

Guide yourself in identifying the brutal lies in this world

Trying to mask themselves within the circle of living truth.


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mlowe5 says:

Just an 81 Assitant Teacher given a day with a Math class a Blessed school. Thanks. Peace and love.

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