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OF AND IN VERTICAL PERPENDICULARITY (Apropos Of Gracious Thanksgiving)



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Here in the midst of waxing time

And the waning of life’s being,

It’s evident—in mind and body—

I am not as old as I once was.


In and of the juxtaposed waxing

And waning of time and life’s being,

My spirit and faith continue to freely soar

As I remain vertical in Earth’s perpendicularity.


Despite the Sisyphian health challenges

That have bombarded my physical being,

All have proven to be failing attempts on

Eyes on the prize—forever climbing—in faith.


Where medical attempts have failed 

To halt the pulling down of pain’s suffering,

The passionate healing grace of God has been

The relieving and strengthening joy of living faith.


No, we did not come upon and into this Earth to stay;

Indeed, our waxing time here is not of an eternity for us.

Yet, our God’s woven plan has it that our life’s labor of love,

Work, and words, will always be reflected and indeed, echoed.


Thus, beginning with this pour from what is left in my poetic cistern

As I continue with God’s love and given divine wisdom and guidance,

Know that as I wane toward my Earthly phase, I shall continue in faith

To engage in labors of love and the sharing of God’s given cisterned words.


Indeed, as we sojourn the Earthly waxing of time and waning life,

Let us—as we strive on in the shadows of the valley of death—

Fear not the waning of engagement in our Earthly love labor;

For awaiting us, is a heavenly home not made by earthly hands:-


Thus, let us ever be grateful in holy gratitude and thanksgiving

For the strengthening and profound relieving healing grace

God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit

Have so graciously waxed our waning lives with.


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mlowe5 says:

ONE, love_supreme. Thanks. Peace and Love.

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