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Continue to push forward my people

The fam needs you.

Keep it together like the thread through the needle

Walking through the shadow of death

Fearing no evil.

Bringing bread from the master’s house to the field

To feed my people.

United as one

But not at all equal.

A continued sequel.

Just feel the person when they meet you and greet you

And if it’s love then it’s love my brutha!

Give me hugs my brutha!

It’s up and it’s stuck til the time runs up!

Foot on the gas and I won’t let up!

No rearview mirrors, swerving lanes

Wheels rolling until the rubber burns up!

Unveiling the mask with the task at hand

Huggin Mama!

Boy you smellin' like that grass again

Ha. I love you.

Stay humble in the jungle youngin'


Steadfast, robust

And in God we trust.

Reaching height others just can’t touch 

No cappin’!

Grindin and Prayin Until Something Happens



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love_supreme says:

This poem absolutely rocked. Loved it!

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