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Reality has a coldness

Wintery aloofness in its tone

Delusions feel warm inviting

A fireplace crackles and hums

I'm caught between seasons

A scarf and swimsuit 

I'm caught between reasons

Wool coats and wife beaters

I shiver at sub zero truth

I sweat tropical misconceptions

Riding a pendulum

Swinging in and out of season

Fighting bouts of Malaria

Mixed with hysteria

Chest weasing from pneumonia's touch

A merry go round of misconception 

Into bold face perception

Stop the ride I want to get off...



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mlowe5 says:

Whew! Hot! We got to develop that mind-rod that responds to extremes of hot and cold as we continue to journey on. You're on it Brother, You're on it, Bro! Thus, be The Coalhouse! Great share! Thanks. ONE. Peace and Love.

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