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SUFFERING (Apropos Of A Paradigm Of Life)



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One of the overlooked paradigms of life

Is that it never was nor ever will be, easy.

From the beginning of humanity on earth,

Suffering has been evident in our lives;

Perhaps beginning with the many lessons

Allegorically conveyed in the Garden of Eden:-


Is it not in the Garden of Eden where it’s seen

That leaning unto mere human understanding—

As opposed to God’s wisdom and divine guidance—

Led to the birth and manifestation of life’s suffering?

Before Jesus’s resurrection and ascension, did He not 

First, undergo persecution and suffer the Crucifixion?


Rather than questioning God for our suffering,

Let us cease our complaining and understand that 

Our God, in Christ Jesus, is well aware of our suffering.

Let us ever be aware that we do not suffer in vain; knowing

That suffering brings about perseverance and endurance

As we receive and give thanksgiving for God’s healing grace:-


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mlowe5 says:

ONE, love_supreme. Thanks. Peace and Love.

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